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National Sex Day is now an official holiday, June 9th


We also have National Sex Week- the THIRD week of July.

National Sex Month- October

National Oral Sex Day July 16

National Anal Sex Day July 17

AND..... Stripper Appreciation Day June 25

Our goals are very simple -

Sexual Enhancement 

Sexual Education

Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Health

Finally, some true holidays that the planet will celebrate !

Love making, sexual advancement, romance, kinks and all topics are on the table  for positive sexual energy. 


       We are the ONLY
Official National Sex Day
   Holiday in the World !

June 9    ( 6/9 )

The  link to our listing on the HOLIDAY CALENDAR


Are you sexual? Sexually satisfied with yourself ?  Looking for ways to add spark to your love life ?

We have the holidays for you !

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We are looking for some good ideas, sponsors and  feedback on how to celebrate the holiday. 

Get creative .......... after all, we want this to explode !!!

Email us today  !